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8th Grade

8th Grade

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Curriculum Highlights

  • Students prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation through daily religion lessons along with a variety of activities including: participation in prayer services such as Shadow Stations of the Cross, class retreats, plan and present class liturgies including  May Crowing.
  • Participation in the annual science fair is a significant project for eighth graders, which incorporates skills from all content area subjects. Students choose a topic and conduct experiments that require them to implement principles of scientific inquiry. They must communicate clear and accurate results in APA format using pictures, tables, graphs, charts, and diagrams. In addition, students continue to develop their understanding of physical and life sciences.
  • In language arts, students read a variety of classic and contemporary literature, continue to demonstrate mastery of the traits of writing, and deliver speeches and other oral presentations.

Middle School Expectations

  • 8th grade students are held to higher expectations of responsibility and accountability for academic performance and Catholic values-based behavior, along with parental and institutional support.
  • Integrated Technology – 8th grade students at St. Joseph participate in an enhanced technology curriculum.  Students receive and use personal Chromebooks for daily classroom instruction. Students and teachers utilize Google classroom throughout the entire curriculum, including content and delivery, collaborative learning, independent research projects, teacher-student communication, assessments, and overall student literacy.
  • In 8th grade, there are many opportunities for students to participate in various academic competitions such as math competitions, Geography Bees, and Scholastic Bowls at local Catholic high schools. St. Joseph School is proud of their exceptional track record at many of these academic competitions.
  • Middle school religious studies require students to participate in an in-depth review of the Ten Commandments with an application to how they affect one’s morality, develop insights as to why all of life is worthy of reverence, explain how God calls us to act in a loving way toward one another using knowledge of the Beatitudes and Catholic Social Teachings, and explore virtues and works of mercy as a method of living the model Jesus gave us.

8th Grade Curriculum