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Keep Your Children Engaged in Learning Over the Summer

It is estimated that students lose the equivalent of two months of math and reading skills during the summer months, sometimes referred to as the “summer slide”.  To keep your student engaged in learning over the summer, consider the following advice from teachers at St. Joseph School in Downers Grove.

“It’s important for kids to stay active and healthy during the summer months, enjoying the weather and playing outdoors,” said Krissy Knightly, 2nd grade teacher.  “I encourage my students to read every day during summer.  They can practice reading to younger siblings, pets, or a favorite stuffed animal!  I recommend that students challenge themselves by taking part in the Downers Grove Library (or any local library) Summer Reading Program.”

According to Lindsey Winter, 4th grade teacher, third through fifth graders begin learning about their community, state, and country in social studies.  “Over the summer, students should take advantage of the historical places we have here in Illinois and in surrounding states,” she said.  “Day trips to Naper Settlement, the Chicago History Museum, and Cantigny Park – the list is endless!  Many students have yet to visit our state’s capital, where they can learn the rich history surrounding Abraham Lincoln.”

Jane Krueger, 1st grade teacher, adds that there are computer games and apps that are educational and can help students retain math and language arts skills.  Search online for those appropriate for your child’s grade.  “Students should use math every day during summer,” added Joan Erickson, Kindergarten teacher.  “Practicing math facts daily for five minutes helps them become fluent, freeing up their brain for higher level thinking skills.  They can also practice writing, such as letters to family members, friends, and teachers.  They can write grocery lists or a packing list for a vacation.”  Keeping a journal about summer experiences will also help keep students’ writing sharp.

Story originally published June 2018