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To Participate in the Manna Gift Card Program, Download the Order Form with Gift Card Options:

Manna Order Form

Each Purchase of a Gift Card Earns Money for St. Joe’s!

Order Today!

What Is Manna? 

Manna is a gift card ordering program. You pay face value for popular gift cards using the Manna Order Form – to grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, retail stores, entertainment, etc. – and St. Joe’s earns money for EACH card purchased. Here are a few examples of the MANY cards we offer:
  • Jewel – returns 4% to SJS
  • Speedway – returns 4% to SJS
  • Tivoli – returns 10% to SJS
  • Chipotle – returns 10% to SJS
  • Starbucks – returns 7% to SJS
  • Gap/Old Navy – returns 14% to SJS
  • Carsons – returns 8% to SJS
Manna gift cards are perfect for shopping, dining, traveling, entertaining, gift-giving, etc. There are 100+ participating locations!

Place a Standing Order for Maximum Convenience

To make the program really easy to use, you can use the Manna Standing Order Form – no regular checks to write or forms to fill out! When you place your order this way, cards will automatically come home through your Messenger student on Thursdays – either weekly or monthly. This is great for cards that you use regularly – for example grocery or gas cards.

Why Buy Gift Cards through Manna? Just Do the Math:

For every gift card you buy, St. Joe’s earns a percentage back from the merchant. Just think of all the “free” money we’d receive if all school families bought groceries with Manna gift cards – for example, Jewel has a 4%  return to St. Joe’s:

42 x $8 x 310 = $104,160
weeks of school back to St. Joe’s every week
[for $200 in Jewel cards]
families at St. Joe’s to St. Joe’s!

Thanks for your support of the Manna program – it’s free to you and earns BIG dollars for our school.