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Monday to Friday

Sports Program Committee (Athletics & Boosters)

The Crusader Sports Program Committee (Athletics & Boosters) is responsible for St. Joseph’s interscholastic athletic program for Grades 5-8. There is a “no cut” policy, so it is not unusual to have three teams for one grade for one gender. Consult the Sports Handbook for additional information such as goals, gym etiquette, minimum playing time, fees, and parent expectations.

The Crusader Sports Program is the most well-participated, attended and volunteer-intensive program at St. Joseph School. We are all Crusaders and 98% of St. Joseph students participate on a least one sports team. From Cross-Country, Volleyball and Football in the fall, to Basketball throughout the winter and Track & Field in the spring, the Crusader Sports Program keeps our children active, learning, competing and happy.

The St Joseph School Crusader Sports Program’s Committee is a volunteer organization that funds and administers the athletic programs at the school. The goals of the program include skill development, promoting teamwork, building self-confidence and self-discipline, fostering team and school loyalty as well as physical, spiritual and social growth. Athletes, coaches and parents are expected to promote Christian ideals and good sportsmanship both on and off the playing field and courts. Parental involvement and support are integral aspects of the program.

The Crusader Sports Program is fully-funded through donations and fundraising. It does not rely on tuition money or help from the Parish. The group holds one fundraiser each year, Forever Green, which helps to raise much, but not all, of the money the program needs to:

  • Maintain the gymnasium
  • Provide uniforms and equipment for all sports
  • Hire referees and officials
  • Rent fields, gyms and tracks
  • Provide playground equipment


Volunteer Opportunities

Coaching and being a committee member are the obvious volunteer opportunities. But the fundraising activities provide even more opportunities to help. In fact, each parent is expected to work at least one of the following events or to include an additional $75 “non-volunteer” fee with their annual registration.

  • Parish Block Party
  • Homecoming
  • Forever Green Trivia Night Fundraiser

Committee Members


Athletic Director: John Baldwin
Treasurer: Ann Ryniec
Secretary: Tracy Nehls
Basketball Coordinator: Kevin Bastuga
Concessions: Nicole Gates
Cross Country Coordinator: Ann Schreiber
Football Coordinator: Bob Marciniak
Football Concession: Carolyn Wind
On-line Registration: Ann Ryniec
Special Events: Open
Track Coordinator: Steve Harris
Uniform & Awards: Maureen Casey
Volleyball Coordinator: Kim Harbauer