4832 Highland Ave.

Downers Grove, IL 60515

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Monday to Friday

5th Grade Curriculum


Religion class will be taught daily.  Our Goals:

  • To develop personal and ongoing relationship with God
  • To build reverence for and knowledge of Holy Scripture
  • Purposeful emphasis on Catholic practices, images and models of faith
  • Incorporate five forms of prayer in each student’s personal devotion
  • Encourage family devotion
  • Stress Christian values


  • Genres include all Fiction/Literature and Nonfiction
  • 7-8 New Vocabulary Words each week
  • Listening Comprehension Skills – Read aloud & Model Oral Fluency
  • Focus Skills (Examples: Plot, Conflict Resolution)
  • Thinking Comprehension Skills (Examples: Summarizing, Questioning, Author’s Purpose)
  • Novel Studies: Reinforces Comprehension Strategies & Focus Skills, Includes weekly vocabulary
  • Time for Kids Magazine: Non-fiction Informational text and Comprehension Packets to help supplement Standards
  • Book Reports: 3 reports due per quarter
  • Silent Reading Books: All students are expected to have a silent reading book with them at all times


  • Each Lesson Words are given as a weekly handout


  • 5th Grade uses the Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop


  • Unit C – Earth Science
    • The Changing Earth
    • The Earth’s Resources
    • Climate
    • Astronomy
  • Unit A – Life Science
    • Comparing Living Things
    • Reproduction and Change
    • Adaptations
    • Ecology
  • Unit C Physical Science
    • Classifying Matter
    • Investigating Motion
    • Forms of Energy
    • Electrical Energy


  • Numbers and Operations in Base 10
    • Estimating, Place Value, Operations with Whole Numbers and Decimals
    • Multiply and Divide, Powers of 10, Divide by 2-digit numbers
    • Decimal Division
    • Partial Product & Quotients & Area Models
    • Factors and Multiples & Patterns
    • Prime and Composite
  • Numbers and Operations as Fractions
    • Fractions on a number line, visually, comparing and ordering
    • Making Equivalent Fractions & Simplifying
    • Greatest Common Factor (GCF) & Least Common Multiple (LCM)
    • Add/Subtract:  UnLike Denominators
    • Mixed Number Addition and Subtraction with Renaming
    • Multiply Fractions
    • Dividing Whole Numbers by Fractions
    • Relate Fractions to Decimals
    • Comparing & Ordering Decimals
  • Geometry
    • Polygons:  Quadrilaterals, Triangles, Angles
    • Perimeter & Area
    • Volume
    • 3-Dimensional Prisms and Pyramids
  • Measurement
    • Line Plot, Graphing on Coordinate grid
    • Converting Customary Units
    • Converting Metric Units
    • Elapsed Time
  • Operations & Algebraic Thinking
    • Solve Using a variable, Numerical Patterns and Analyzing Relationship
    • Equations, Order of Operations
    • Test Improvement Packet (TIP) allowed per Quarter for tests below 70%

Social Studies

Early Life, East and West

  • Life in the Western Hemisphere
  • Native Americans of North America
  • Life in the Eastern Hemisphere

Connections Across Continents

  • Spain Builds an Empire
  • The Struggle to Found Colonies

Colonial Life in North America

  • Life in the English Colonies
  • The Fight for a Continent

The American Revolution

  • The Road to War
  • Winning the Revolution

Life in a New Nation

  • Forming a New Nation
  • The Young United States

A Growing Nation

  • Time of Change
  • People Moving South and West

War Divides the Nation

  • A Divided Nation
  • War and Reconstruction

Expansion and Change

  • Crossing the Continent
  • Into the Twenty-First Century

Language Arts

Grammar and Mechanics

  • Types of Sentences
  • Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Adjectives
  • Pronouns
  • Adverbs
  • Prepositions

Writing / Emphasis on 6-traits of Writing

  • Personal Narrative
  • Comparative
  • Persuasive
  • Explanatory
  • Expository
  • Various responses to informational texts

Building Skills

  • Note taking and summarizing
  • Informal outlining
  • Vocabulary
  • Fact and opinion
  • Test taking strategies
  • Using reference materials

Composition Skills

  • Identify main idea and detail
  • Writing leads and endings
  • Organization
  • Writing dialogue
  • Revise and editing