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5th Grade

5th Grade

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Curriculum Highlights

  • In reading, students demonstrate understanding of higher level critical thinking skills through in-depth analysis of main character’s words and actions, plot sequence, main themes, author’s purpose, and specific audiences and purposes. They write clear coherent explanations, instructions, and factual reports on a range of issues and topics. Students also deliver simple speeches with expression.
  • Vocabulary will be a new addition to their studies. We will spend a lot of time going over this new subject so they get a great foundation and learn how to properly decode and learn new vocabulary.
  • In math, students focus on place value, decimals through ten thousandths, expanded notation, greatest common factors, multiples, and least common multiples, geometry, and adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. Students continue to build on problem solving strategies to evaluate word problems.
  • In science and social studies, students are required to not only new concepts and ideas, but to also analyze them and apply them to current issues in society. More specifically, fifth graders compare and contrast turning points, major ideas, and people from different continents, which affected the formation of the U.S. They interpret historical events and issues and describe their impact on people then and now.
  • Similarly in science, students apply knowledge, inquiry, and problem solving to better understand scientific processes. Students collect, organize, and display data. They begin to take the initiative to plan, design, and conduct scientific investigations in areas such as physical compositions and processes within a variety of systems.

5th Grade Curriculum