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2nd Grade

2nd Grade

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Curriculum Highlights

  • Throughout the year, students prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. In daily religion lessons, students gain a better understanding of the seven sacraments, Ten Commandments, sequence and parts of the Mass, and research backgrounds on individual Catholic Saints. In addition, students develop and participate in a grade level prayer service and religious retreat.
  • Students continue to develop reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, writing, and spelling skills, while reading and reporting on books of their choice in engaging and interactive ways.
  • Real-life skills are incorporated in a three month project that results in a small café run solely by second graders. This project includes parent and personal interviews, restaurant research, individual resumes, job training, as well as taking on an individual role of their choice in the restaurant (open for parents and parishioners). These various stages incorporate reading, writing, critical thinking, basic research, problem solving, collaboration, team-building, and presentation skills. This educational and engaging experience has become a memorable tradition for second graders at SJS.

2nd Grade Curriculum